One night a couple months ago I was in this girls room, very nice and beautiful girl great attitude and personality which is hard to find on CAM4 but she was drinking a glass of wine and next thing I know cam shuts off didn't know what happened so I sent her a off line message and she said they banned because of the wine. Well the next room I went into was a trashy girl which that's what most of the site is anyway but she smoking meth on cam no problem at all, and I seen her message where a couple other online guys said that they were doing it also, so I went I incognito to there rooms and they were right there on cam smoking drinking beer with labels but banned a very cute a clean model. I will never go back to CAM4 again I don't care if they would offer lifetime tokens which is another thing. The fans buys the tokens it comes right out of my account but when I give it to the model they have to wait three days before they can touch it. people I don't advise CAM4 at all. The only good thing I saw on CAM4 was in a model room and it was just me and her and she was down and had a rough night and I was going to tip her but before I could there was a male model and I can only remember part of his name something like cockandshow or something like that. But he tipped her and told her good morning beautiful with a heart emoji and she broke down crying and he tipped her a little more and went on his way. She said does it when he makes tips or take it out of his pocket and does it for the models, it almost made me cry that another model would do that with his earnings just to help make someone's day. But y think he move to chaturbate now and it's a shame because CAM4 needs more models like him.

If it wasn't for that guy model tipping other models I wouldn't give it one star


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