Love this website please keep it up

Love this website please keep it up

Im a webcam model on here i absoublutely love this website to work on.It pays off my bills,Im satisfied with every member not yet once I never liked it.Im a stay at home mom thanks to streamate im able to be my own boss and work and make my own hours.Please keep streamate its an amazing streaming site for models especially on models that have children and is hard for us to go out and work knowing we have to find a baby sitter or etc.Its more convinient with this job to work at home and pay is amazing.You get to make as much money as u want a day.Im very happy with that.

members are nice,Pay is well and I get paid weekly,also get to make my own hourly schedule.Im pretty much my own boss at home and i love that.I wouldnt want streamate to ever get shut down because theres so many reasons when your a mom you can work at home and not have to worry about a baby sitter and you can spend more time with your kids cause you have an open schedule.

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