Tracking and spyware as soon as I entered

Tracking and spyware as soon as I entered

Guys I don't like blaming these sites and I was hoping that they weren't in on the or knowing what those studio rooms were doing but streamate you are in a world of hurt coming your way. As soon as you enter the site and yes we all know sites and the internet tracks us or our cookies but if you just go into one room and come out the tracking and this is no lie but it looks like a stop watch running timing someone in a track and field events. But the worst thing is and this isn't my first Time this has happened going into studio rooms, but someone tried putting a spyware called static.hotjar and before someone takes there side and say this isn't that bad, what I want to know is why are those studio rooms still doing this and independent model are not. I will tell you why, and it's all coming from those studio rooms or Latin or Columbia. And please email me because I have the screen shot of it as well. And if it weren't for that safe browser blocking this criminal activity I probably be screwed the way I don't want to be. And it's in Every sex cam site also. But streamate I'm calling you out on the stopwatch timer tracking I've never seen anything like but I am starting to think these sites no about these rooms looking for your information and it doesn't matter if it's not as serious of a virus than most, I mean dam it's a spyware and it's a crime. Stay out of this site and especially studio rooms.


Criminal activity

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