Ok people there sites host and lay out the red carpet for these LATIN STUDIOS and european studios. Please read this and spread the word about this very serious crime that I m pretty sure some sites know about, and not saying steammate does, yet or until a investigation is done. But if you go into and it more than likely a Latin model room it's going to be a ran by a studio mostly in columbia but they are all in south america. If you go in without a spam/IP address block they know who you are and is trying to get anything about you and steal anything from you and selling it. If you don't believe me down load duck duck go and it's free or if you have lifelock or something that hides your IP address which they cant enter through and go into those rooms and watch what happens, the models get nervous, and you can watch them trying to find out who you are and with duck duck go I watch it take over 30 hits in one room trying to get my information before the model got up and they ended up turning off there cam. If they say it's for security reasons, it's bs because every single cam model that has been on cam knows that they are being recorded and not by one or two but multiple off brand sites. Proof is google the models name plus the site and there will be pages and pages of pics and videos and any information you could get so security reasons is a lie. And some sites want let you in with a security browsers, they want you to use Google chrome which is easier to break into and steal your information which makes me think they are in on it as well. I'm not talking about independent models, just studio rooms and they are not marked but the easiest way to know is that if they are LATIN stay away. The reason Im posting this on streamate is the same models that broadcast there also broadcast on multiple sites at the same time and for what I have seen the majority of the models on there are LATIN and Everytime needs to take cation. This is turning into one of the biggest identity THEFT schemes I've ever seen and I'm going to get ahold of the US government and hopefully they will do a investigation soon. Like I said I hate this for the models and most don't have a clue but identity THEFT especially international is hard to get your life back. So please let everyone know about this and spread the word please. Thank you

Since these sites are letting the Latin rooms Take over and do what they want I say the hell with them.

Identity THEFT

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