They don't pay you

I worked on Streamate for 3 weeks. I tried to set up a Cosmo account and a Paxum account as my payment info and the error "The name on your card doesn't match the one we have on file for you" showed up BOTH TIMES. The name MATCHED. After that I set up my bank account for wire transfer, it's been two weeks AND THEY STILL DIDN'T PAID ME. The support is practically non-existent. They do not answer your e-mail regarding the problems they have on the site, and when they do answer they say the problem is fixed WHEN IS NOT. This site was amazing because the people (members) on it are nice and generous. But the people that "run" this pos are incompetent or plain greedy. DO NOT WORK WITH THEM IF YOU LIKE MONEY!!!



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Girl same here! Ugh! Have you gotten yours figured out??? I’ve sent a million emails no reply

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