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SM has dropped in traffic significantly since Jan. The holidays were slow too but that made more sense. With all of the technical issues with the site, nothing is making sense. I see 15 potential users in my room but it'll be empty for hours, except 1 or 2 regulars that pop in. The platform for models is not user-friendly for uploading media and we can't even promote our socials which is weird because that would make them more money. On top of the 30%, it seems to me there's no incentive to continue camming on this site.

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Yes the website has dropped in traffic but that is to be expected. I say this with absolute respect. Depending on when you started, times have changed. During the pandemic, traffic for almost every online adult platform was through the roof. We saw a 680% increase. We also saw an absolute insane increase in new models signing up which caused an overflow. Users were then spread out dramatically. It's just not that way anymore and it may never be that way again.. Not to mention, we are headed towards a recession. Times are tough and people just don't have the money anymore. The drop in traffic has everything to do with finances. This is not my opinion. It's visible and available for research everywhere. Times are just tough. I feel you on this. The webcam drought started this past fall. If you're a model, we all know when webcam season goes up and down. When October rolled around, webcam season did not start. The whole entire past 10 months have been extraordinarily difficult. It's not just this platform. It is all platforms. Never give up. I wish you the best and I encourage you to please hang in there. You can do this. You got this. It's not as easy as it used to be but it will get better. And yes I agree, technical support has been lackluster. Please remember, IT is different from support staff. It's two different departments. Complaining to support is not going to get our complaints for technical answered. All they can do is forward that information and I think IT is so overwhelmed with all of the issues that they're simply not getting to it quickly enough. On a positive note, I know that a large group of incredible top models did come together, wrote their statements and issues to the head honchos of the company and those issues are being heard. They will be addressed. Hang tight. It will work out.

Visit Streamate Reviews about Streamate

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