UNPAID webcam session

My most recent experience as a webcam model- after degrading myself yesterday for several minutes in front of two faceless guys, I noticed that my earnings did NOT show up immediately when my show ended, as they usually had. I immediately reached out to customer service via the company portal and then by email. I did notice that a technical sound error occurred before, during, and after the show and maybe that had an effect on the circumstance. I explained all of this in the email and they responded back and disputed me on the fact as if I had the time to lie about a few funky dollars! Overall, the customer service was very dissatisfactory! I know they could have provided me with some sort of empathy, comfort, or reconciliation. I received none. I went back and forth with them over a series of a couple of emails and asked them, "why would I make something like this up?" I am an honest, hard-working individual who deserves respect at a minimum, and free shows are NOT something that I signed up for. They never acknowledged (or at least haven't thus far) the technical sound glitch that probably played a part in this ordeal. Up until that point, I doing my shows and receiving my pay just fine.

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