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    Very Helpful with Self-Induced Problem.

    Had a situation with a family member who got onto my account (due to my own stupidity) and managed to build up a 4 figure balance via card withdrawals. The support people couldn't have been more cooperative in terms of getting the account shut down immediately and the balance refund process set in place. They were very courteous and professional - something one might not expect from people in the adult entertainment line of work. I've had less courteous, less efficient help from supposedly reputable businesses. While some might find the flirt-generated content a bit sketchy at times, the business side seems very professional and ethical. I really can't say enough about how helpful they were.

    Prompt, responsive and courteous problem resolution - even when the customer is the cause of the issue itself.

    Nothing, as regards their customer service.

    Good selection of decent cam girls.

    Great concept. The technology works well. I prefer girls with cams. You click on call me and a moment later your phone rings, you hit 1 on your keypad and your are connected to the cam girl. Then you send a Skype video request (most cam girls require you by their Skype ID before the call for a dollar or two. Works well. The issue is that the amount of attractive young girls is extremely limited. There are a lot of BBW and Dominatrices. Also many women who are defined at MILFs who in general are not at all attractive. They show a lot of very pretty and sexy young women but they are rarely online It takes a great deal of patience to wait for one to come online and it is rare that they do. There are some attractive girls who are in the $5.00-$10.00 per minute range. For that price they should be standing in my living room and do the laundry and clean the house after the session.

    Good technology. Some very attractive and sexy women listed as potentially available.

    Poor selection of attractive women actually available.

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