On LiveJasmin models perform live cam shows from their home or studio and communicate with visitors in public or private rooms via video, voice, chat and messages.

This hot cam site contains thousands of models that you can enjoy in your spare time or when you have a horny moment. Members can use a search bar at the top of every page to find someone who fits a particular taste or preference. You can filter the LiveJasmin models based on appearance, age, spoken language, specialties, video quality and many other specifications by typing in simple keywords. Once a member has found a favorite, the model can be added to a personal favorites list and saved for the next time.

Design of LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin is a very attractive and well-arranged website which is cast in a red exotic color. The site is not only clear, but also very convenient to use and accessible. Once you are on the homepage of the site you will see an overview of all featured profiles, the menu with various options and you will also immediately see where you can log in or register to become a member of the site. Both men and women will get their money's worth on this site. You will find that there are male, female and trans models available for exchanging exciting chat messages and more.

LiveJasmin models

On LiveJasmin you can enjoy both male and female models. On the left side of the webpage you can click on boy or girl in the menu to enjoy male or female models. For example, if you want to enjoy hot female models as a man, you can refine your search based on the different categories. For example, you could opt for exclusive models, girls, hot flirts, soul mates, mature models, amateurs, fetish and trans models. You can also refine your search by entering specific preferences in the search bar.

You can also get an overview of models based on the amount one is willing to pay, the willingness of the models, language, age, population group and more.

Chatting on LiveJasmin

You need a LiveJasmin account to use the chat option of the site. This account is completely free to create on the site and only takes a few minutes of your precious time. Once you have created an account, you can log in to the site and search the different profiles of users looking for a fine and hot model.

As soon as you enter a chat room, you can start a conversation with your favorite model in the appropriate chat field. You will find many other users in the Free Chat, including other members and guests. Guests can only choose from a predefined set of messages to send to the model. Registered members can type their own messages. Please note that the messages of the model appear in a different color than those of the members. Member messages also have different colors depending on their Club Elite level.

If you absolutely love the model and also like the model, you can choose to send private chat messages for the model by clicking the “Start Private” option. During a private session you can also activate your own webcam to communicate with the model using the Cam2Cam or Two-Way Audio function.

In addition to sending chat messages to the model, you can also choose to just send messages. You can send a message to a model whenever you want. To send a message, click the envelope icon in the top header of LiveJasmin, next to your favorites list. You can send text messages of up to 250 characters. You also have the option to send audio, video and photo messages. You can start a series of messages by sending and receiving messages from a model for three consecutive days. Keep your streak alive by sending messages every day. Sending a message costs 1.5 Credits.

LiveJasmin Credits

In order to use the various services of LiveJasmin you need credits. The credits are sold in credit bundles. You need credits to send messages to the model or to ask the model to spoil you in a special one on one session. New members can also get 9.99 free credits after their first registration. You can claim this by validating your credit card. Keep in mind that only new users can qualify for free credits. Existing users who create a new account are not eligible for this offer.

In addition to the free credits, new members also receive a 50% discount on their first purchase. In addition, the site also has more frequent ongoing promotions, where new members can earn up to 99% off their first purchase, and existing members can even earn 100% extra credits.

Pricing LiveJasmin

Before discussing the prices of the different credit bundles, it is good to know that the site has basic members as well as premium members. Basic members can chat unlimited with models in the free chat area and are recognized by the models with their unique name. A basic member can also create a personal favorites list among their favorite models. In addition, one can also opt for the premium membership of the site.

The obvious benefit of Premium membership is the chance to interact with the models privately. To enjoy all the special acts, which are listed in the models' personal details (under willingness), members must be in private chat. Premium members can also exchange offline messages with models and send them surprises in their chat rooms.

When registering, you can immediately choose to become a premium member. Alternatively, you can also upgrade to Premium membership from your Basic Member account by purchasing Credits.

The prices of the different credit bundles are as follows:

  • 17.99 credits for US $ 35.99
  • 27.99 credits for US $ 54.99
  • 67.99 credits for US $ 120.99
  • 97.99 credits for US $ 177.99
  • 157.99 credits for US $ 283.99

You can also enter an amount of credits yourself and the site will calculate the total amount to be paid for you.

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LiveJasmin Reviews

    Russian girls say from Ukraine

    LiveJasmin knowingly allows Russian models to claim they are Ukrainian
    Live jasmine has ok production but they are knowingly allowing Russian models to claim they are from the Ukraine in order to get sympathy and better tips. If a model says she is Ukrainian or from any other Russian speaking country do not believe her. Better just use other more reputable sites. This is like Hitler pretending to be from Israel

    They do have attractive girls

    LiveJasmin knowingly allows Russian models to claim they are Ukrainian
    Live jasmine has ok production but they are knowingly allowing Russian models to claim they are from the Ukraine in order to get sympathy and better tips. If a model says she is Ukrainian or from any other Russian speaking country do not believe her. Better just use other more reputable sites. This is like Hitler pretending to be from Israel

    Be careful with Romanian Divas

    Used the site off and on for about 3 years. Went thur a horrible scam with a model there ( Kayla Hart, Kayla Heart). Site Support does not in force rules of conduct for the models. Use this site at your own risk and stay away from Models from Romania.


    Too many Romanian Divas that are scammers. Selling their WhatsApp number for extra credits.

    Terrible to Their Models

    All it takes is a little research to clearly see they do not treat their independent in models right. They are famous for rejecting even professionally shot photos that a model spent a fortune on, with one lukewarm reason or other. They they have the nerve to tell many of these talented women to go do their amateur section, not because they truly are amateurs, but because they reject their photos as not good lighting, etc. This is why many of the models barely resemble their photos; the same parlor tricks that work on magazine quality pics do not work when you have some one streaming live. They also nit pick their webcam spaces, and find reasons to fine the models a percent of their pay; all it takes is having the wrong looking lampshade as if men even care about that. Admins have been nasty to models for not obeying orders from guests like being told to stand up, twirl or whatever at their command. They penalize them for all these things, and its bad enough they make the model start out with only 35% of the pay for working like they do. From a customers POV, because they do not let the girls do much of anything in public, and no nudity, you are always taking a gamble when you take a model to private for the first time. You run the risk of them either not being what you expected, or performing what you requested, or even worse finding many tricks in order to suck up your time and run up your bill with them. Some of us sincerely are not stupid enough to fall for the *....I dont like to be rushed..., I like to take my time in getting you hot and horny with my sexy naked body* bullshit lines, which is really interpreted as, the longer I can keep you on, the more money I can make off you. Trust me, the model does not really give a rats ass how hot and horny a guy is. But I suppose there are enough gullible men out there, this kind of line works like a charm.

    Probably some decent performers

    Can not see what you are paying for until you have already started paying for a private, The site fools themselves into thinking they are high end, abuse towards models from both the site, site admins and customers alike. Models getting paid crap.

    Fake models

    80% of their models are so incredibly fake dont understand why people think the lush is still connected to suprises jasmin say its forbidden to advertise with features jasmin dont support but they do nothing about it


    That they do nothing about these fake models on their site who scam people by advertising with features jasmin dont support like the lush

    The worst site I’ve worked on

    The flow of traffic is good, you’ll get customers constantly taking you private, but the admin is WAY too strict and more nit-picky than a super high end stripclub. My account was temporarily suspended due to so called “poor cam quality” (because I was using a laptop cam) and at one point when I tried to have my cam tested, support told me that the bedroom of my apartment that I’m in is an unacceptable background for their standards (they prefer models working from a studio). A model has to be already rich in order to work on here only to Be making peanuts on this site and will look for any excuse Or any tiny little “mistake” they can find to ban a model from her account to keep her earnings (I made a lot more money on stripchat than here). And then yesterday, I got an email from them telling me that my account has been permanently closed cause my username on there is “inappropriate” and had to look like a real persons name (which was something they didn’t bother to tell me about when I created my account) And to top it off, their software sucks really bad too. It cuts out at times and the sound goes out a lot too. Working on this site is like applying to become a hooters girl or working as one

    The traffic, the consistently of being taken to private

    The strict nit-picking thieving admins

    They steal and use pictures

    I had photos illegally taken of me and used while they refuse to delete them or to close down my account.


    The support is rude and refuses to help when you want to shut down your account

    livejasmin is a scam

    yes its a holly grail for some models but for few its a nightmare, if you are not a studio model they will find any excuse to get you kicked off site, I droped 500-700 just on equipment because everytime I bought a webcam or lighting it still was not good enough, when I finally told them to tell me exactly what to buy and did they had no excuse but to let me stay, I made around 800$ and they made about 1400 off of me so already that seems off but ok.. than they keep making up excuses why I would not get paid, kept telling me next pay period I would and everything was setup for payment and each time I got Nothing I started in January and its April now I have yet to see a dollar from livejasmin and the support treats me like this is normal and I'm over reacting? I did not fuck myself online for creepy fat dudes to make nothing in return, I feel soooooo DEGRATED!!!!!!

    I liked that every place around raves about how great it is yet treat models like this I wonder how many poor girls they have done this to before me because iv herd of a lot myself idk why no ones bought this up with a lawyer yet!!!

    EVERYTHING, creepy and rude admin, support that has no fucking idea how to do anything and they make customers pay so much compared to how much the model makes from it, sorry I just did a show for 5 hours working my ass off while mr admin sitting in a chair, just jerked it the whole time while watching me (checking my video quality of course) bahahahahahaah

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