LiveJasmin is an adult live video chat site, where Members and visitors meet amateur Models and PornStars from around the world. The Models broadcast video feed live from their home or studio, and interact with visitors in public or private rooms through video, voice, chat and messages. LiveJasmin offers a wide variety of Models. To find one who fits a certain taste or preference, Members may use a search bar on the top of any page. Models are available based on appearance, age, spoken language, specialties, video quality and on many other specifications by typing in simple key words. Once a Member finds a favorite, the Model can be added to a personal Favorite list and saved for next time.

LiveJasmin Reviews

    The worst site I’ve worked on

    The flow of traffic is good, you’ll get customers constantly taking you private, but the admin is WAY too strict and more nit-picky than a super high end stripclub. My account was temporarily suspended due to so called “poor cam quality” (because I was using a laptop cam) and at one point when I tried to have my cam tested, support told me that the bedroom of my apartment that I’m in is an unacceptable background for their standards (they prefer models working from a studio). A model has to be already rich in order to work on here only to Be making peanuts on this site and will look for any excuse Or any tiny little “mistake” they can find to ban a model from her account to keep her earnings (I made a lot more money on stripchat than here). And then yesterday, I got an email from them telling me that my account has been permanently closed cause my username on there is “inappropriate” and had to look like a real persons name (which was something they didn’t bother to tell me about when I created my account) And to top it off, their software sucks really bad too. It cuts out at times and the sound goes out a lot too. Working on this site is like applying to become a hooters girl or working as one

    The traffic, the consistently of being taken to private

    The strict nit-picking thieving admins

    They steal and use pictures

    I had photos illegally taken of me and used while they refuse to delete them or to close down my account.


    The support is rude and refuses to help when you want to shut down your account

    livejasmin is a scam

    yes its a holly grail for some models but for few its a nightmare, if you are not a studio model they will find any excuse to get you kicked off site, I droped 500-700 just on equipment because everytime I bought a webcam or lighting it still was not good enough, when I finally told them to tell me exactly what to buy and did they had no excuse but to let me stay, I made around 800$ and they made about 1400 off of me so already that seems off but ok.. than they keep making up excuses why I would not get paid, kept telling me next pay period I would and everything was setup for payment and each time I got Nothing I started in January and its April now I have yet to see a dollar from livejasmin and the support treats me like this is normal and I'm over reacting? I did not fuck myself online for creepy fat dudes to make nothing in return, I feel soooooo DEGRATED!!!!!!

    I liked that every place around raves about how great it is yet treat models like this I wonder how many poor girls they have done this to before me because iv herd of a lot myself idk why no ones bought this up with a lawyer yet!!!

    EVERYTHING, creepy and rude admin, support that has no fucking idea how to do anything and they make customers pay so much compared to how much the model makes from it, sorry I just did a show for 5 hours working my ass off while mr admin sitting in a chair, just jerked it the whole time while watching me (checking my video quality of course) bahahahahahaah

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