Terrible to Their Models

All it takes is a little research to clearly see they do not treat their independent in models right. They are famous for rejecting even professionally shot photos that a model spent a fortune on, with one lukewarm reason or other. They they have the nerve to tell many of these talented women to go do their amateur section, not because they truly are amateurs, but because they reject their photos as not good lighting, etc. This is why many of the models barely resemble their photos; the same parlor tricks that work on magazine quality pics do not work when you have some one streaming live. They also nit pick their webcam spaces, and find reasons to fine the models a percent of their pay; all it takes is having the wrong looking lampshade as if men even care about that. Admins have been nasty to models for not obeying orders from guests like being told to stand up, twirl or whatever at their command. They penalize them for all these things, and its bad enough they make the model start out with only 35% of the pay for working like they do. From a customers POV, because they do not let the girls do much of anything in public, and no nudity, you are always taking a gamble when you take a model to private for the first time. You run the risk of them either not being what you expected, or performing what you requested, or even worse finding many tricks in order to suck up your time and run up your bill with them. Some of us sincerely are not stupid enough to fall for the *....I dont like to be rushed..., I like to take my time in getting you hot and horny with my sexy naked body* bullshit lines, which is really interpreted as, the longer I can keep you on, the more money I can make off you. Trust me, the model does not really give a rats ass how hot and horny a guy is. But I suppose there are enough gullible men out there, this kind of line works like a charm.

Probably some decent performers

Can not see what you are paying for until you have already started paying for a private, The site fools themselves into thinking they are high end, abuse towards models from both the site, site admins and customers alike. Models getting paid crap.

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