Wait Don't Stop !!!

Camdolls started out okay but has since gone down hill at a rapid pace. The site is filled with men who never buy Tokens for tipping, the models are not European by any means as they are 98 % Colombian with 98% of the men now being Colombian as well. They flood the chat with demands, begging and NEVER TIP the models who seemingly could care less. The models don't ask the Colombian men for tips but watch out if you are from USA. The site support is for shit, They never fix any issues such as price of tokens being wrong in relation to your ranking. They updated the site and took away key features when doing so that makes the site less than interactive. No private chat, no cam2cam, user pages are void key features also. I would not recommend this site. It's turned into a rip off..

They're are some very pretty models

No cam2Cam, No Private chat, Token prices are inflated and Support doesn't correct issues but offer little to nothing upon reporting of problems.Models are not European but 98% Colombian with 98% Colombian men loitering waiting for free shows and flooding chat rooms with demands, begging and models say nothing. Models work on numerous sites at same time and will take your tokens then leave and do shows for other sites for free after you have paid or tipped. Support will not correct these issues as well. Site is filled with studio models who are paid by hour just to sit onsite regardless the tips they are paid. No sound when model on another site and most of the time you can only see bottom half of body due to model will not show her face even if tipped. Prestige means nothing as the site does not accurately reward those users who have actually purchased tokens with correct prices.