I suggest you find another company

I suggest you find another company

This man treated my slave this way! I can't believe this, and there's no manager who wants to talk to us to solve it. They don't give a shit about their employees Question : I've sent the documents in again, and signed them again, why do everything so many times? [11:52 AM] Brad has joined the conversation [11:53 AM] Visitor 'like' this conversation [11:53 AM] Brad: Well, if you got it right the first time, this wouldn't have happened. [11:53 AM] Jenna: Wow, [11:53 AM] Jenna: really? [11:53 AM] Jenna: you know if you guys are this rude when I'm just signing up I don't think I want to work with this company after all [11:53 AM] Brad: Good! [11:53 AM] Brad: Bye now [11:53 AM] Jenna: omg [11:54 AM] Jenna: who is your manager [11:54 AM] Brad: Not telling you shit, ho! [11:54 AM] Jenna: really this is nice [11:54 AM] Jenna: you lost someone who would have made your company great money [11:54 AM] Brad: Like I care? [11:54 AM] Brad: I make $10/hour [11:55 AM] Brad: Why would I give a rat's ass about this? Lol!

That I'm never going to work here

That others may be told they are a hoe... that's not fair

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