Awful, models don't do a damn thing

Awful, models don't do a damn thing

I have to give up on Licepimpin. I loved this site for so long but it has turned to trash. You spend time in private chat only for the model to start ignoring you completely because of her traffic in another site. They have a "Top 5" contest daily for models to compete over who earns the most in tips. All this means is she will begin requesting tips in addition to the cost of the private AFTER the private has already started. Every private leads to a descend.

You get what you pay for. I'd rather spend $5 a minute to chat with a model who actually performs. The performance of these models turns to shit after they are on for a couple weeks. This is a "background" site for most of them. They will perform in other sites and use this as a way to milk customers, giving nothing in return.

I've been on cam sites since 2008. Livepimpin use to be a great site. Now it's hard to find anyone who performs or treats customers fairly.

Some pretty girls, but you are better off finding the exact same model on a different more expensive site.

The low cost causes these models to give up on treating customers fairly.

The tipping feature is just a way to con customers. It's amazing the amount of models who try to get you to use Skype after tipping them. Good luck.

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