Other live adult sites have you purchase credits. When you run out, you can purchase more, as it should be. However Livejasmin will continue to charge your CC, by whatever amount you initially select every time you run out of credits. You have to tell them not to, which is the opposite of all other sites. It appears to be intentional in an attempt to rob you of your money. Terrible site.

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I am also a member there, but this might happen only if you select the option to memorize your credit card details or whatever other option you're using it. It is easier this way, so you won't re-type everything again in order to do a transaction. After one month or so, they don't keep your CC info anymore, so yes, you'll have to start typing them again. But in my entire time of being a Member there, nothing fraudulent happened with my CC or credits situation. In fact, never heard of such cases so far. Maybe pressing by mistake smth there and've bought a new pack of credits :) It is not rare to see you entered in aprivate show or stuff like that when you were just hovering the screen (due to they're interface) Happens to everybody :))

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