I used to be a Top Model for ImLive and worked very hard for that Top 120 Position. Until they Closed my Account for Tweets on Twitter and in these Tweets. I wanted ImLive to PAY there Models more than 35% 30% or 20% (NOW 12%) during the Corona Virus Crisis and/or to give the ImLive Models a split of the Million Dollars! Instead of wanting to give 1 million dollars to SPORTS COMMENTATORS to do something that the Models can do themselves.

Also, they TAKE 80% (NOW 88%) for BONUS CREDITS that they Giving Out and 50% OFF Coupons! The Models DO NOT KNOW about this until AFTER the SHOW! After all of the Deductions your making less than $1 per minute or NOTHING! Talk about a SCAM! If I was YOU I would not work for ImLive or Buy Credits! If they do this to their own Models. Just think about what they are doing to their Members!

They are SNEAKY, SHADY and RIPPING OFF their MODELS in more ways than one! Here's just one Example: They Closed My back in April 2020 and here it is September 2020 and they are still advertising that I am still their. Plus, I was told that they DID NOT remove everything off of their Servers like they said that they did. NO and in fact they are still using my Photos and Videos to STEAL My Traffic from Sites, that take care of their Models like MyFreeCams or ManyVids! That's just one example and there is plenty more that I have proof of!

next to none

too much to list

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