deleting old recorded shows deleting old recorded shows

I'm pissed. One of the things I've loved about is the wealth of recorded past privates that you can pay to view. This has been especially great when there are girls I really loved watching who are no longer active, but have left their accounts up with all their content. I could still watch all those recorded privates going back years. It was great for me and great for the site since they were making revenue off simply having old recorded privates.
Unfortunately, they have unofficially began DELETING all old recorded shows on all accounts. And what's worse is they want to treat members like we're idiots when we ask why. I inquired, politely, citing all the various recorded privates that I wanted to watch but were suddenly gone, and was met with a copy-paste "models have the option to delete recorded shows." When I pointed out a second time that these were all models who had long since stopped, who hadn't logged in for years, and that all vids from all the models all disappeared at once meaning the models hadn't all magically logged in at the same time after years of being offline and deleted all of their recorded shows (and just the shows; snapshots are all still there), meaning it was an action from the SITE and not the models, I was told I was wrong. I then spent hours going through profiles of random CURRENT (recently online) models and it was the exact same thing: they had recorded shows available in their profiles, but only back to a certain point, no further, for ALL models.
So basically wants to skimp on server storage. Fine, whatever. But I was paying more to watch recorded shows of my old favorites than I ever did to watch live shows of girls I didn't like as much.
I'd have more respect for the site if they had just made a simple announcement about it, and admitted it, than blatantly BS'ing us when it's completely obvious they themselves have mass deleted old recorded shows.

No longer able to watch older recorded shows.

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