Don't bother

Signed up to the site 4 years ago (top premium member) and the site was initially good. It was the first site i joined. Problem is when you go private and the host does nothing, the sites reluctant to give you your tokens back. Also the pm's ridiculous as the moment you long in, a host who's linked to you knows and starts to pm you (which makes it difficult to visit and have fun with other girls). Also they show (pre new format) the names of customers in a hosts room so other girls and viewers can see you logged in but blocked pm chat. Site did improve with the tipflood option however the downfall was the new layout in early 2018. The sites so crap now they're lucky to have 10 girls on it. Most are non-nude. One one occasion I threatened them with legal action because they had not paid one of my regulars for that month and my first camgirl fell foul of a fraudster but they decided to not pay her all the legitimate money she had earned.

The fact that I closed my account years ago

The current format and customer service

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