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    destructing attitude to models and without warming deletion and terminated ,

    I worked on AW for 5 years to get up one morning to log on finding i couldn't they had deactivated my account then to find i was terminated for life . Not knowing what i had done wrong i asked and all they said was something in my profile was breaking the rules my profile was very tame and i watched how i worded things i got in touch with the business advisers, webmaster any one i could to try and get them to reactivate me but the emails i got back was really hurtful and so rude , Im now looking around for another site but they dont ruining peoples lifes at the click of a button and they dont care , Im lucky i have a little money put by but my heart goes out to the other girls that this happens to who have kids rent and food to find then in the blink of an eye its took away , STAY WELL CLEAR

    good traffic east to get around.

    no response to problems , treat girls awful , attitude stinks , i could go on for ever .

    Will steal models money

    I worked on adultwork for over a year . One day I could not login and received a email saying that I had refused a private and that they had contacted me before about it (They Never Had) . I was then unable to login to my account and I had over $500 sitting in it . They are very hard to contact and when I finally did find a way , there was no response . I had heard of this happening to other models before and did not believe it . The site really favors uk girls over others .

    Lots of customers

    Take a high % and then don't pay you period .

    Negative review - Do NOT use Adultwork

    This post is a complaint about from a model's perspective. This week I had a chunk of my credits just disappear. When I contacted AW they said it's because a member i'd spoken to (a long time ago now) had turned out to be using a stolen credit card, there had been a chargeback and they took the credits from me! I think this is an absolutely disgusting business practice. If a member commits fraud it's because their fraud detection systems are inferior. Also, they take a percentage of 40/50% from their models earnings and as far as i'm concerned that should include covering lost funds from fraud. I CANNOT BELIEVE that they take the credits from the model through their own sheer greed. In no way is this the model's responsibility. I worked hard for the money I earned and I needed it, Adultwork make millions in profit and yet they STOLE that money from me straight out of my account without even contacting me about it. This isn't the first problem i've had with them, in fact i've had lots. They exploit models and show them no respect and no support. Their attitude is 'we'll do what we like and if you don't like it you can go elsewhere'. If you're a model thinking of doing webcam with Adultwork I recommend going elsewhere.

    There are a large amount of members. Pay (when they decide to give you it) is on time.

    Lots of scamming. No customer support or help from AW themselves. They steal money from models to cover any chargebacks they receive. Sleazy website.

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