Stay out of studio rooms

First off what I'm gonna say just isn't going on in just mfc but probably every cam site that has LATIN STUDIOS ROOMS AND SOME EUROPEAN STUDIO ROOMS. Before someone says that it's not true go into those rooms like ghost view or sign in either way but ghost view is how I caught on and if you don't have a IP address block the girls or guys or couples act fine but go in with a IP address block like duck duck go or life Lock and you have to do it in ghost mode and some sites want let you in and that makes me think they are in on it and most prefer you use Google chrome because its so easy for them to steal your information and if your site doesn't let you in that's the first Warning. But I went in with the block browser and evey room I went to the girl got nervous, or you hear the room control tell them to get off cam and most shut off the cam. Before someone says it is for security reasons is why they do it is bs because every single cam model is being recorded by multiple off line sites and if you don't believe me just Google there name plus the site they are on and you will find recorded videos, pics, anything else you need to know about the model. This is turning into one of the biggest identity THEFT schemes I've ever seen, and I will be contacting the US Government which needs to step in and do a investigation. And the reason I gave MFC 1 star is because it's going on here also because most of every online LATIN CAM GIRL is broadcasting on multiple sites at one time. Proof of that is juli arango mfc latin model, she is victoria kors chaturbate. So please spread the word and be careful.
Also the ugly, drugged out Asian model Vixen Vu is a scammer on chaturbate and snapchat and instagram using the name jennydam123 and she needs to be kicked out of the sex business for good but the way she smokes meth on snapchat she want be around long.


Identity THEFT studio rooms, ugly Vixen-Vu

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