Stolen customers data

I hope everyone is aware of the hundreds of thousands customers data information got leaked last year and now crooks are sealing it for money on the web. And some of you with or who had been paying lots of money and had loads of tokens the crooks are getting couple thousand dollars for your information. I'm pretty sure it will or most of it ends up in some south American studio that probably had something to do with it. Guys I don't care if you believe me or not but yell need to use a safe browser Going in these cam sites, and DON'T use your primary bank or credit card. These sites will rob you blind and they don't care.
Also if someone needs proof I got it or I hate to tell people this but Google MFC customers information and data leaked or stolen. I hate this is going on and it's getting worse and the government needs to step in and investigate these crime ran sites, from the leader chaturbate and Google, to every sex hookup and pont site. Good luck yall and be careful if you're one of the dummies going in these sites without a Spyware or malware on your devices.

Never had never will!

Taking my reviews and changing the words on there paid in house scam reviews proves they are guilty.

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