Chaturbate Better Than Other Webcam sites

Chaturbate Better Than Other Webcam sites

I give Chaturbate a 5 star rating, as some of the best performers that I have ever seen are on here. In fact, the very best performer out of the best happens to be on this site. Never have I seen a woman perform like this one, and others who have been on other sites agree with me on this.

With that said, I would love to touch basis on some of the complaints on here, one in particular, a rather stupid one....*All the models care about is tokens* Well yes, of course they do, this IS their job, and they care as much about making money at their job as you do at yours. If you can not understand that they are here for money, then you should not be dealing with camgirls at all. But those that understand this can really enjoy the entertainment for what it is. This is not play time, they are not in love with you, nor will they fall for you, they are merely doing their job and that is it! Anyone that expects them to actually have romantic feelings for their visitors/regulars is in need of a psychiatrist, rather than a camgirl.

*Camgirls not following through on goal, or promise performance for tip* Yes, I can see how this could be a problem. The intelligent thing to do is to shop around BEFORE giving anyone tips. Do not just jump at the first girl you see and start tipping. Good thing about Chaturbate is you have the benefit of watching live performances, and see how the girl is, how she interacts with her audience, during her performance, and how she follows through on tip promises. This is a benefit you do not get when you are on a site like LiveJasmine where they are fully clothed and are not allowed to do a darn thing in public. Therefore, that type of a site, you have a higher risk of wasting funds on a crappy private performance, than you would on a site chaturbate; where you have gotten enough time to research how girl does, and therefore, have an excellent idea of how she is going to be in private or otherwise. I would also avoid models that keep their clothes on the whole time, or hardly do anything for you to see what you might be getting. Hope this helps improves some peoples visits here.

*Models do not get in trouble for not following through, or for scamming* Viewing some of the webcam girl forums, I can say that they actually do get in trouble, not just for things like this, but other kinds of rule infractions. In fact, many complain that they feel Chaturbate might be a little ban hammer happy on them. Also, this problem is not exclusive to chaturbate, I have seen customers complain about the exact same thing and feeling ripped off by a model in places like LiveJasmine and Streammate as well. Best thing again is to avoid this in the first place by being an observer first, then tipper later, after you have spotted some models that you are familiar with how they act and perform, and if they always come through as promised.

Some excellent performers, Being able to see what kind of show you would be getting BEFORE investing in a private rather than taking a gamble on it like what happens at livejasmine, or Streammate.

Technical concerns as expressed here. Hopefully, support views these reviews and is able to correct much of this.

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