Banned for standing up

Well I figured it happened sooner or later but after Chaturbate didn't take down or ban a performer for tracking and I even showed them proof of it but instead banned me because they are trying to cover it up. My screen name was ieathairytacos and there was a lot of people that really appreciated what I was doing which was alerting them and advising them not to go into the studio rooms which is mostly Latin America or runned by Columbian drugs. The bad thing is I have screenshots of everything they were doing I told them around a dozen but I actually have around a hundred screenshots with the sex sites names and the spyware/malware they are trying to put on me. People if you are going to be stupid and continue going to those sites and I'm not talking about Chaturbate alone, some sites has nothing but studio rooms in them and that means nothing but criminal activity in those sites but Chaturbate did have independent models like myself that didn't have a clue about it until some of the girls told me about it. Also the model I was trying to turn in and let them know that was tracking me is called rouse_pink she goes by rousepink1, shantall_miller on Flirt4free but she and mostly Latin studio rooms are trying to steal your information guys and another word for it is called identity theft. And I'm not going to lay down or back away from this either I will be on there door step come this Monday morning and someone that works there is going to carry a ass kicking. Love everyone and if anyone wants proof try to find my social media and I will send all the proof you need. Oh yeah I'm sending everything to FBI so good luck Chaturbate

Why would you say something good about a site allowing and backing identity theft

The correct words is cons they think they did good by banning me well they just really screwed up

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