I'm going to make this short, because I've posted on the top 5 cam site review about this serious matter. If you go into a studio model room without a spam/IP address block on your device that you are using they know who you are, and try to steal anything and everything about you. Its turning into one of the biggest identity THEFT schemes I've ever seen. Most sites wants you to use Google chrome because its really easy to get into and no one is expecting this, except for the region of columbia poor, and it known for doing this. But I used duck duck go and tested it out but some sites want let you in using certain security browsers and that makes me wonder if they are on in it as well. I'm going into a long detail read my reviews about chaturbate and stripchat and MFC. But the reason I'm posting this on camsoda is I know dozens of Studio girls that when they are online here they are on multiple other sites at one time. Proof viooletta_ chaturbate and violetta1 camsoda is the same girl streaming same time. I hope some reads this and spread the word out please because I am going to contact the US government and hopefully they will investigate this very serious crime really soon. I hate it for the models because most of them I hope doesn't know what is going on but identity THEFT is just awful and if the sites know about this and I'm pretty sure one or two do need to be shut down and who ever is running them put in prison for a long time. And again this well I hope it only applies for STUDIO ROOMS, which is probably most LATIN rooms, so I'm not talking about independent models. Thank you

What I can tell a ok site

Identity THEFT, but not saying yet that the site knows about it, I hope not

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