It's one of the better sites until

It's one of the better sites until

Xcams I thought you were one of the better sites and wasn't doing this tracking like the other sites have or is still doing but the other day I visited your website and I'm using my Safe browser and I know you guys don't like that and I went into a few models rooms and still some were tracking me but what I don't understand is why the site tried to put a spyware called on my device. This is a spyware that tracks people anywhere and before there was only one site that tried doing this to me but now since you did I'm calling you out. Guys this is illegal and very dangerous and there should be no reason why you want to stoop this low and do something like this. Your girls are very beautiful and what I can tell take care of the customer but you cam sites can't be doing this to your customers. I know everyone needs to make money but trying crap like this gets you a one star review.

Girls are very beautiful and nice

Tracking with some nasty spyware

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