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    pending payment

    until now my earnings not send on my account payoneer did pay on time.


    my salary was delay until now from march 29,2017 until now not send so long to wait to send i hope they send it ,,,,

    pending payment

    i have a pending payment since march 29 , 2017 but until now did not send it.i hope they send it in a few days.

    delay salary

    this site always delay when having payout it takes too long to wait for your salary i have a payout last Febuary 23 , 2017 until now not send i hope they send it as soon as possible.


    this site steal many models, i worked here for 1 half year and last octuber of 2016 i stoped because they takes 2 months to pay, never respond , just nothing,.... they own me 308$ and is now already 27 of january 2017 and still since octuber they dont want to pay me , dont respond or anything

    scammer site, and be aware of thiss

    be carefull



    FAKE!they dont pay you any dollar!be carefull and not register there

    scam site!this site need to close.they dont pay you,be carefull!and yes someone do good reviews here about the site.fake!!i am the model on that site they own me for two monthes.and every time when i ask when i get money.they do only promisses -tomorrow.and nothing.

    Bad payments

    I should receive a payment on 21 September and I am still waiting for it... The Support doesn't respond to my messages... I don't know what is happening with this site but they loose models in this way...

    Customers be careful!


    I love this site. Best price

    Cheap, beautifull models.


    They are bombing this website with fake reviews now to cover their bad reputation. CUSTOMER BE CAREFUL!




    Good site

    Great!!!!! Amazing, nice girls

    The most beautifull girls. Easy, fast payment, perfect support.

    Best solution for secure skype show payment

    This is a great site. I can pay to skype model secure. If i didn't get show the live admin refund the cedits. Great business.

    perfect for enjoy

    The site give a new idea. The skype is better than other webcamsite. The admin is very nice amd helpfull i will stay here forever

    Verifiedgirl and secure site

    I visited more similar site but this is the best. I hope will working long time

    i love this site. moneyback guarantee

    The admin solved my proble quickly. I love this site.

    most beautifull honestly girls

    Nice, beautifull girls. Secure fast payment methods

    secure, fast, amazing site

    The best skype girls site.

    verified models

    Found it the best models

    Great site

    I love this site

    The real 21Lissa

    Is a comment in this site from 21Lissa who is not me , they post just n my name the other comment is not real .

    i never had problem with the site , the money come always right , is a corect site who take care of models and custumers . On this way i wait you all on to take a show and see the site and models are corect with the models and custumers .

    21Lissa does recommend Myprivateangels to friends/family

    Bad websie

    I dont recommend this website. Bad servis.

    the best site

    This is WildAsianFlower the one of the model of the site!!! the site is not scammer and i will prove it that.... this site is good how to manage to all the model like me and the site is the best ill worked till now so i can prove it this site is not a scammer!!!! so pls dont accussed myprivatenagles site is scammer!!!!

    Models be advised

    I used this website before, they say they keep payments one month but I waited to get the money two months. Also they claimed they have been scammed but they never paid models.

    "Dear Models

    We had a Tinypass payments service for Paypal payment. Unfortunately the Tinypass is tricked us! They closed our Tinypass account, and do not send the payments. We report the site to Slovakia police.

    Unfortunately we have to reversed the all credits transaction with Tinypass, or closed the site. This is about $5200. We really sorry if you lost money, and I promise we are looking for some kind of compensation."

    This website is owned by same who had - they ran another scam of about 15.000 euros and closed the website.

    They have traffic, most of it coming from porn websites

    bad support


    not paying in time

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