Support sucks

this site has grown worse with time. many many problems for weeks duration over java support and then access to credit card broken. support either lies or is totally out of touch with a complaint database. There are problems that support knows about but treats the probelm as if it has never been seen before. Then you find out days or weeks later that indeed the problem was on their side and was known as an issue. they also charge you a minimum 1 minute or 30 second charge for going pvt with any model. I often fnd these models have learned to delay their shows by many minutes or don't deliver what they promised - so as soon as I see the behaviour is going to lead to a delay - I leave - but have already been charged for time even if the model "cheats" the situation.

way too expensive for the quality of models. Site has grown to include many more gays ot tranny models - very annoying since there is no way to knwo if the model is male or female without checking profile first then ... blah blah blah - wastes time

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