Full of crap

This site is full of crap models. They just want you to buy the credit and when you buy the credit, what they gonna show is their tits and models dont know how to please the customers. Some models dont allow visitors from certain countries and they block and ban you as soon as you enter their room. The Customer support is the most worse thing in this site. They dont even know how to respond to the client. They said to me that they will take action against the model involved in racism during modeling and then after 1 day they refused that they didnt promised me anything and when I showed them their own conversation screenshots, they literally started abusing me. I was so shocked to see customer support saying "fuck you, do whatever you want" I personally recommend all of you to dont waist money there or even visit that site, there are many cam sites that show more awesome girls. This site is full of poor girls asking for money.

All models are filipinas

Worse Customer support

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