Destroys families

My wife a mother of four walked away from her family and for children children to do this so call modeling career and now this career she got a pimp who make sure do the things I would never thought you would do she give him all the money is she is now on the streets prostituting and also known as a lot lizard for those who do not know what that term is you'll find a truck stop or rest areas along 95 in Maine she has beating her children one of her daughters from a previous relationship was sent to a hospital one of the youngest daughter is also put into the hospital and her youngest baby who has health conditions she no longer cares about recently to my knowledge she is being investigated for molesting two of her daughters under the ages of seven years old and one of these daughters believe it or not is my three-year-old daughter remove from the house by deputy sheriff's and this company and it's viewers do not care about these situations all companies want is the money the viewers don't care background checks should be mandatory

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