worst cam site ever

ugly models, don't speak English, you talk to them and they ignore you, you tip them and they don't do anything,

nothing at all

total ripoff, the ugliest women

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I don’t know about the looks of the models. One model outright stole my tokens. I requested a private, Asked the model when was the best time to have one. He said now- I requested it. He then said ‘ not now’ He did read a disclaimer about money taken out of account. I requested what I wanted off the board. He didn’t say yes or no.
I asked if those were ok or if inshould pick different ones. Not yes or no but his expression read as ‘I don’t want to do anything for you’.
So, I told him he should chose what he feels most comfortable doing. He told me he would make one that would make a lovely memory or something like that .
I hit the thing to show I was ready and was ignored. Then, he took money from a guy and did a non private show. Plus, doing a biological reaction twice and showed and bragged.
I gave up and left, only to have him ask me back. He seemed not happy I left. I was in his fan club and vip membership. I asked again. He started. The screen went to frozen to not seeing anything. I saw a split second of him without clothes. Then ding! All done and money gone. It was supposed to be six minutes. It wasn’t even one minute. He again seemed to blame me. He had not done anything to make my non experience special.
Yet, he always would personally ask me to show off while he worked, called me an incredible friend(I didn’t believe it, but I liked to wish it was true)
He barely had customers and like just to spend long periods of time talking with his buddies.
More than once he took my money and did nothing. But he liked to bark orders at me at times.
He questioned me many times about my autism and my personal life.
In the end, he ignored me- made it obvious it was on purpose. I got an anxiety attack because I was confused.
So he laughed at me being an idiot for believing he was nice. I called him horrid, cruel and asked why he did it. He just laughed like he pulled off the best trick ever. Then he banned me.
I rushed to IG- it was petty but I wanted to block him before he blocked me but it was too late. I still blocked him.
I am very timid and have a fear of confrontation and people. I still want people to approve of me and I was stupid. I didn’t cut him off and seek a refund. I got tired of him looking like he was smelling one armpit. I was tired of doing nothing but praising him and talking about him. I didn’t know why I was asked to stay there all day.
I still liked him because he was nice to him. I knew he was nice to get tokens. I didn’t know he was setting me up to humiliate me.
B. The Ulitimate membership promises 24 hour live support. There is none. At least I couldn’t find it.

Visit Bongacams Reviews about Bongacams

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