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Chaturbate - Chaturbate is great, if you use your head

15 februari 2017 Chaturbate dulliCS_(male)

I just read all these reviews, getting addicted and spending too much, having tokens locked up, paying for a video and then being told to pay more, paying for a show but then she has to leave. See what these all have in common? Paying/spending/tokens/money! I love the site, it's my go to, I've almost completely abandoned all other porn video sites. I get to go on, watch many attractive "girl next door" young ladies, and know that it's all live. I don't pay so I don't have the true connection, but know she's out there while I'm getting off here is enough for me. If she's my type I store her in my "Follow" folder. I just coast through, go through my Followed girls, go through the whole site until I find what I'm looking for. Even if 100 girls are just sitting there dressed and waiting to reach their "goal", I'll find the girl who either has already reached it or who's not waiting to reach it. Not that hard, have never spent a dime, never lets me down

Get to save the girls you like in the Follow folder. Always plenty of options. Need to jerk it at 7am? The European and Russian girls will be on. Real girls who are out there in real time letting you watch them get off.

I really don't have any. If you can coast around without "falling in love" and helping a particular girl buy her new BMW, money's not an issue.

dulliCS_ does recommend Chaturbate to friends/family


MyFreeCams - hire new employees

23 januari 2017 MyFreeCams camgirl (female, 32)

mfc needs to hire smarter employees

camgirl does NOT recommend MyFreeCams to friends/family


Chaturbate - Jerked Around

2 januari 2017 Chaturbate Justin Cas (male, 65)

I advise against your using this site. It can be addictive, the promise of viewing sex acts for free, and some with very attractive (in my case) and sexy women. However, the originators were savvy enough to realize that the lure of interacting with these girls and women is too great, and since the majority of attractive girls require you to have tokens to "chat" with them, many of us men would. OK, so that's only an investment of $10.99 for 100; if you are strong enough to watch and chat without tipping, it IS a bargain. I mean, sure, there are plenty of broadcasters you would not want to look at, and some rather nasty looking breasts and unimaginably gross nipples, and disturbingly ugly pussies, but you can pick and choose, and so long as the sight in the preview size doesn't deflate you, there are surprising beauties of many varieties to sample. There are girls who would never step foot onto a strip club stage, but with the anonymity, will reveal their most intimate physical acts with you! But my friends, I could not resist. I was the perfect fool that makes some of these girls wealthy. A few years back it was bad enough--the allure of hearing these beauties say your name, blow you kisses, etc. brought me to blow about $45 before I came to my senses. Wandering back on the site again last month, I was blown away by the NEW adventures of interactive devices that most of the women put into their pussies and asses, which will vibrate in relation to the amount of tips you give. That REALLY messes with your mind, reinforcing the ridiculous belief that you are personally pleasuring them. It's akin to when cocaine became crack! OK, so I spent about $55 this time before again coming to my senses. If what I wasted helps someone from making the same (and much worse) kinds of pouting money down the drain, that it was worth it. But if you go here believing that these women are going to consider a genuine relationship with you in REAL life (the same allure of strippers and escorts) then you are sadly mistaken. The best girls here have learned to play guys for amazing amounts of money--in tokens given AND in gifts asked for (usually via Amazon gift cards and wish lists). If their claims are true (the make lists of the highest tippers) than some are raking in thousands and thousands of dollars! Worse, some guys get totally hung up on particular girls, tipping them and chatting with them daily for years in the delusional belief that they are getting somewhere with these money mongers. DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! They are merely merciless, one person corporations, intent upon getting as much from you as they can, while they get sexual satisfaction from a distance! For some of these girls, this is the best gig going!!! They are fawned over, stimulated sexually, and making a lot of money all by merely faking interest in a private setting where they never need to meet you in person!!! No wonder Chaturbate self promotes!

Very attractive and sexy young women from all over the world and the USA invite you to watch them arouse themselves and be aroused by devices you control via tip amounts. You can watch for free without spending a dime. Free, live porn by non porn actors (well, there was one I saw on here, but she was a brain-fried whore), girl next door types, girls that could have been Centerfolds, etc.

Plenty of ugly and old women. A lot that think they are hot that aren't. A lot that only sway their semi-naked body from side to side to bad music with an empty-looking, thoroughly bored look on their face. Girls from foreign countries that say "English only" but many of whom know not more than two words: a heavily accented 'thank you', at best. Beautiful girls that don't allow you to chat with having tokens or--even worse--if you haven't tipped them that day! You can be easily lured spending a LOT of money on illusion and fantasy that, outside of your own self-manipulations, is NOT physical, totally mental.

Justin Cas does NOT recommend Chaturbate to friends/family


Chaturbate - found one diamond in the rough here

17 december 2016 Chaturbate onegayman (male, 45)

The same thing that people say about the girls ripping off stands with many of the guys here also. I found one guy that is actually a straight guy and a Porno actor of SeXCult Video I believe he said who's room name was Sezzbiousrivers who likes to actually talk to his people although not able to when he's performing, but that's just it, he actually does his job of performance and likes to get alittle personal which to me is GREAT plus he doesn't just take off after his performance is over. Is it worth going to this site for just one guy? To me it is, you can decide for yourself.

Found an awesome performer

Only found one awesome performer


Bongacams - Destroys families

19 november 2016 Bongacams Harold (male, 54)

My wife a mother of four walked away from her family and for children children to do this so call modeling career and now this career she got a pimp who make sure do the things I would never thought you would do she give him all the money is she is now on the streets prostituting and also known as a lot lizard for those who do not know what that term is you'll find a truck stop or rest areas along 95 in Maine she has beating her children one of her daughters from a previous relationship was sent to a hospital one of the youngest daughter is also put into the hospital and her youngest baby who has health conditions she no longer cares about recently to my knowledge she is being investigated for molesting two of her daughters under the ages of seven years old and one of these daughters believe it or not is my three-year-old daughter remove from the house by deputy sheriff's and this company and it's viewers do not care about these situations all companies want is the money the viewers don't care background checks should be mandatory

Harold does NOT recommend Bongacams to friends/family


Camgasm - Girls at camgasm

1 november 2016 Camgasm Cor (male, 36)

The mostly girls are to expencive
And gamgasm is 2 times more excpencive as chaturbate if you want to bay tokens .the most girl go no naked into prvt and ask 300 tks extra for go naked.but into chaturbate the go for free naked and show there pussy also .me advice go to chaturbate better for you payment .

Cor does NOT recommend Camgasm to friends/family


CamContacts - best one

21 oktober 2016 CamContacts julia (female, 30)

I USED THAT SITE FROM 2004 AND TILL dont had seen no one other better then that one
Camcontacts .com are stil the best for me

julia does recommend CamContacts to friends/family