Chaturbate Review: What a joke

  • Just another whore-er story from Chaturbate. Mrs Kelly Pierce,not a bad looking tranny who has been dumping cum on CB for quite some time she obviously can't get the porn video offers other trannys have gotten from exposure on this site because she's still here and they only come on once in a blue moon now when they run out of coke money and need to make some quick cash. I was in Mrs Pierces room for about 2 hours the other night and was the 3rd highest tipper,She was working CB and her "gold show" site {whatever that is}The CB viewers made goal and then were obliged to sit there and be ignored for 45 min. while she waited for her other site to make goal..they didn't btw..during that time i asked 3 legit questions and played Keno 2 of the action prizes i won she did ..sort of. the other 5 were ignored as were the 3 questions i asked. Her tip me,tip me spam was scrolling so fast chat was useless. She spent to much time telling everyone about how much money she wasn't making and when she finally did her "show" (masturbation with cumshot)She all but ignored the CB viewers and played to the other cam, know, the one that DIDN'T make goal. She gave the CB cam a few quick side glances just to check token count i'm sure. The whole thing was insulting and useless but expect that kind of thing from CB it happens all the time. If her other site is so much better stay there! get off CB and quit fucking(not in the good way)people. I watched her dump some cum on her makeup..I'm sure her face was under there someplace..while she smiled and played to the OTHER site gave her a thumbs down and left...never to return. a waste of time and money as per usual on this site.If the review your reading reads like an is

    its free to view, altho you will get shutout when the good stuff starts of course

    read the reviews if thats not enough for you then go ahead...sucker

    By Patrick on 21 juni 2016

    This review is more than 1 year old and may not be relevant anymore.

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